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gathering in the southwestern city for the annual twins festival. and china has a strict one child policy in most areas, but exceptions are permitted in the case of multiple births. that's a fox trip around the world. fox news and the weather, the winter storm we've been watching on the west coast is breaking records and moving east. meteorologist maria molina is live in the fox weather center. >> good to see you. it's moving east and bringing a threat for severe weather as we head into the nighttime hours, texas, arkansas and northern portions of the state of louisiana, this system has some very cold air behind it so we're seeing areas of heavy rain, showers and thunderstorms, stretching from parts of wisconsin and illinois and missouri and once they wrap up and that colder air moves in, we see that transition into some snowfall and it could accumulate late, but generally, behind the system as we head into wisconsin down through iowa and portions of missouri. now, southern portions we have very warm temperatures we're actually seeing the severe weather risk and currently have a tornado w
in kansas city. storm will continue moving eastward and as we head into monday night and tuesday we will be seeing rain across the new york city area. >> warmed up quite a bit here on the east coast. now that will collide with the next system. >> doesn't seem like that will be a big concern in new york city. the big story will be the colder air behind it and sandy will be without power. >> let's talk about them. pi people who live there from staten island new york to help those recovering from super storm sandy. kindness new yorkers showed them in their time of need. we have more. >>> stal staten island hundreds of homes hit. they are working hard. >> flood waters reached above the windows inside randy's house. several people he didn't even know helped him clean up the debris. >> touching, heartwarming is not near enough a word to describe how you feel when these things are going on. people took time-out of their life to help. >> thank you very much. >> he was also feeling overwhelmed debris every where in the backyard. then this group just showed up and started cleaning. >> among
right now are ahead of it and 70s in texas right now 19 trerks currently in rapid city. and that is in portions of the northern midwest. and temperature high temperatures and 40 degrees in minneapolis and still in the 70s. in texas. this is producing risk in parts of texas and image gusts and tornados are're possible. we have another risk for severe storms . it is moving on with the presidential election behind us. our nation's leaders are getting back. it is it a fiscal cliff. it is it a term you are hearing a lot over the coming weeks. it is a combination of inspiring bush tax cuts and major spending cuts add it all up and there is it a threat that millions of jobs can be lost. and some people warn our nation is pushed in another recession and the changes kick in on the first and law don't reach a deal and insisting raising tax rates and would destroy jobs in america. we should be part of the fiscal cliff and allowing the top two rates to rise. it is more for the federal government. here is the problem with that raising the rates would occurring to the independent rat
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)